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Areas of Practice:

This is a list of our services, please click on the titles to read more information.
  • Property Law

    Purchase and Sale:
     New Properties
     Second Hand Properties
     Investment Properties

    Property Financing:
     Mortgaging
     Re-mortgaging

    Landlord and Tenant:
     Letting Agreements
     Ground Rents
     Disputes
     Advice in relation to The Private Residential Tenancies Board
           Tenancy Registration
           Dispute Resolution
           The Residential Tenancies Act 2004

    Tax Advice:
     Stamp Duty
     Capital Gains Tax
     Residential Property Tax
     Capital Acquisitions Tax

  • Commercial Property Law

    Purchase, Development & Financing of Mixed Developments:
     Retail
     Apartment Schemes
     Housing Schemes
     Hotels
     Pubs

    Leasing of Commercial Property:
     Advising Landlords & Tenants on the Essential Terms of FRI Leases:
                  The Term of the Lease
                  Repair Clause
                  Alterations
                  Insurance Provisions
                  Service Charge Clause (if applicable)
                  Alienation
                  User
                  Rent Review
                  Guarantees

    Short Term Business Letting Agreements

    Farm Conveyancing

  • Commercial/ Corporate Law

    Company Start-Ups
         Advising Clients in relation to company formations

    Advising Directors:
         Common Law Duties
         Statutory Duties
         Prohibitions and Exceptions in relation to Section 31

    Advising Shareholders:
         Meetings and Resolutions
         Different Classes of Shares
         Protection of Shareholders:
              Minority Shareholder Protection-section 205 
              Injunctive Relief
              High Court Orders

    Corporate Compliance & Secretarial Management

    Shareholder Agreements & Share Subscription Agreements

         Share Purchase Agreement (acting for purchaser and seller)
         Asset Purchase Agreements

    Agency & Distribution Agreements

    Partnership Agreements

    Financing a Transaction

    Advising Companies in relation to:
        Receivership
        The appointment of an Examiner
        Compulsory Liquidations
        Voluntary Liquidations
        Distribution of Assets on Insolvency
  • Criminal Law

    Offences against the Person:
     Sexual Assault
     Assault

    Road Traffic Offences:
     Drink Driving Offences
     Penalty Points
     Dangerous Driving

  • Family Law

    Separation Agreements

    Judicial Separation

    Divorce Proceedings

    Domestic Violence:
     Safety Orders
     Barring Orders
     Protection Orders


    Child Law:
     Custody
     Guardianship
     Access
  • Employment Law

    Contracts of Employment

    Unfair Dismissal Law

    Employment Equality and Discrimination Law

    Industrial Relations and Trade Disputes

    Health and Safety

  • Licensing Law



    Special Restaurant

    Special Exemption Orders


    Renewal and Transfers

    Selling a Licence

  • Wills & probate Law

    Drafing of Wills and advising in relation to the Succession Act

    Administration of Estates

    Asset Distribution

    Enduring powers of Attorney

    Tax Advise: Inheritance Tax and Capital Acquisitions Tax

  • Litigation Law

    Road Traffic Accidents
     Personal Injuries Actions & Personal Injury Assessment Board
     Motor Insurers Bureau of Ireland (MIBI) Actions

    Litigation Relating to Land:
     Disputes Re Building Contracts/ Agreements
            Recission
            Damages for Breach of Contract
            Specific Performance
     Adverse Possession
     Trespass

    Unfair Dismissal Litigation

    Professional/ Medical Negligence Actions

    Debt Collection matters in the District, Circuit and High Court


    Commercial Litigation
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